UB Craft


Hope for the best

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

There's nothing to worry about if you're prepared in advance.
Secure vital funds and fuel in the war and create a unit.
Scouts, Snipers and RPG launchers will defeat the enemy at the vanguard with infantry.
At Auto Station, we train Hummer and Leopard. The air station can train the rangers and the Apache.
Also, don't forget to increase the ability of your troops through research.

The research allows snipers to fire longer distances and displays the range of fire with numbers and solid circular lines on the mini-map.
You can change the unit placement according to the order in which you select the unit.
Ranger will jump for the first movement. However be careful sniper.

Each unit has a natural enemy. Use your natural enemy to defeat the enemy and win the battle.

I always wish your victory.

Match Mix 2D


Match Icon

Tap the same three icons.
Two layers are prepared.
If you cannot find the same icon in the layer above, use the Layer Switch button to change the layer.

Match Five


Born to Play

Remember the 1st Choice of yours.
Cute objects are waiting for you in a transparent cylinder.
Please select 5 objects of the same shape.
You should remember the first selected object. Of course, I'll show you the red outline.
A bonus will be given if you finish the game in time.
Earn gems with billiard ball sessions offered every 5 levels.

Match Mix


Have you ever played a real match game?

Match Mix(3D) is a free and fun matching puzzle game that not only connects the brain to logical thinking but also anyone can easily play. Tap to select a 3D item in the box. Two identical items match and get coins. Collect everything as soon as possible.

You just have to find the same 3D objects. If all 3D objects on the ground gather before time passes, you can pass the current level! Let's work hard to become masters! The bomb and wand will help to remove 3D objects.

I hope you survive and good luck.

Zombie Rumble 2


Born to Play

You have only one Rifle. However, you are the King of the Battle.
For movement, use Left virtual joystick and Right joystick to change view point.
Get buff before entering the battle field. Everything is ready for you.
Good Luck!

Special thanks for Public Domain of Non, je ne regrette rien · Édith Piaf

Burger Kingdom


Be Rich

Best burger simulation game ever!
Run your own Burger Kingdom through Burger management simulation game.
Through the game, you can experience everything about Burger Kingdom in a simple and fun way.
With the money you earn, you can increase the price of burgers and open a shop to expand Kingdom.

Become a baker and make your customers' burgers. Not only making burgers but also managing the store is essential! There are customers who order, but there are many customers waiting at the shop. If you're looking for a simple burger simulation game to play whenever you're bored, this is the one you've been looking for.
Download Burger Kingdom now!

Zombie Rumble


Last Survivor

Zombies dominate the world. Your are only survivor.
Drone attack will help you. You can use skills as fast running and mini-gun.
Life is yours.



Catch him, if you can

Catch the man running away from the police officer.
Tap harder and faster to increase speed.
The higher the number of tabs, the faster the police officer becomes.
Swipe the screen to change the appearance of the runner and the police officer.
You'll lose if you give 20m to a man running away. If you chase a fugitive within a meter, you can feel the joy of victory with colorful actions.
Because you're a winner.

Hazard Run


Endless Runner

Let's run away from hazards. You can control the character using tabs.
L : Move to left
R : Move to right
S : Slide
J : Jump
Collect coins and exchange them for hearts.

Hey Summer


Enjoy Summer

In summer, let's enjoy playing games in the cool sea. You can adjust the movement of the Summer by swiping the screen left and right.
Don't worry if you leave the lane by mistake. You can enjoy the unknown world under the sea.
The summer is full of joy. Have a good time.

Chaos Rumble


You are the hero.

Find a way to be the winner in Chaos. Hero Bear supports you in Level 5.
If your level goes up, you can find heroes.
Enjoy the game with rewards poured out every day.
Make a strategy. The Hero's input time is important for victory.
Enjoy and Good Luck!

Mole Hunter


Turn into a mole hunter for 45 seconds.

When the mole turns green, tap the mole to hunt.
The higher the level, the more moles appear.
Swipe the screen and hunt for moles.
Enjoy and Good Luck!

Fox Story


Everyone has equal opportunities.

The game reinterpreted the childhood play "Hey~ Fox! What do you do?" as a game.
If you calculate the number of your steps, you can easily catch the scene of this game.
You can Fox Story Game alone or invite your friends to enjoy this together.
I hope you survive and good luck.

Run for all


Play with your Friends.

It gives you the thrill of running on Bedroom, Bathroom, Beach, and Kitchen.
If you are a good runner, challenge yourself to run. Works perfectly on your Android device.
★★Control your car with the left and right arrows★★
Get the fastest record by advancing and deceleration on the right screen.
The map of the Run Hard continues.
It always presents thrilling driving experiences.
Boost is ready for increasing speed.